Poppin’ and Slappin’: Is It Necessary?

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Scanning through Youtube videos, I found that almost every decent girl bassist is poppin’ and slappin’. And don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and a place for that style of playing, but it seems like many bassists do it all the time.

I don’t know if these players just prefer that style of playing, or if they have other motivations. Perhaps they think it makes them sound like an awesome bassist. Personally, I think it’s overdone. I don’t pop and slap, not because I can’t or don’t like the style. I don’t pop and slap because every other player is doing it to death, especially female bassists on Youtube.

I feel that the most important thing with playing bass is versatility. To be able to play a large array of styles is better than only being able to pop and slap…even if it does sound cool.

Just a thought.


Bass Brites String Cleaner

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Keep your strings sounding bright and new for much longer!

The specialized formula in BassBrites extends string life by deoxidizing corrosion, not just by removing dirt and oil like other string cleaners.

Bass Frontiers Magazine Online

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This magazine is a great resource for bassists of every level. Check out interviews, instruction, and videos online.
‘Jim Hyatt founded Bass Frontiers Magazine back in 1994 with a small, simple newsletter. Little did he know that these humble beginnings would lead to the second largest printed publication for bassists. Jim quickly grew the publication to well over 5,000 subscribers worldwide. In 2008, Dave and Jonathan Fowler, along with Gene Fox, purchased Bass Frontiers Magazine from Jim and decided to go digital. This move prompted an innovation that would take Bass Frontiers to an entirely different level. Although the business model has changed since Jim founded the magazine back in 1994, the vision has stayed the same. Bass Frontiers has stayed true to its motto, “By Bass Players, For Bass Players.”’